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Discover How You Can Gain Financial Freedom, Buy What Want, & Save Thousands A Year Using Our BluePrint

schedule a financial freedom consultation and see why ADR Financial Group has been rated "the best credit repair company" 
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Discover How You Can Gain Financial Freedom, Buy What Want, & Save Thousands A Year!

Schedule A Financial Freedom Consultation And See Why ADR Financial Group Has Been Rated
"The Best Credit Repair Company!"


Enter Your Email Above To See How We Can Help You & Receive A Copy Of Our Most Popular E-Book "Fastest Ways To Increase Your Credit Scores Over 100 Points In 30 Days!" 

Here's What Our Customers Have To Say!
Toni. H

"I been with Rocky and Lex not even a month & they already remove 5 things off my credit

Yvette. S

"Thank you Lexis, so so much and I 100% highly recommend you guys"

Nate. T

"By far they are the best at getting results, they removed about 90% of negative items on my credit report"

What's Your WHY? Why Do You wanna repair your credit? 

Want To Build Generational Wealth Through HomeOwnership? Me too!

One of the best ways to build wealth is real estate. Did you know that most people spend over $100,000 in rent over the course of 6.5 years & receive nothing in return after moving out except a security deposit? Real Estate builds equity that you can use or pass down to your children to build generational wealth. Wasting money on rent will cost you more over the course of your lifetime and give you or your family nothing in return.

Are You Ready to NEVER Hear the Words “You’re Denied” AGAIN!?

We get it. Getting Denied is embarrassing & frustrating. Living with bad credit can be nightmare. You are restricted & limited to many things you deserve in life. Good credit is POWER. Good credit is leverage. What a lot of people don’t understand is that good credit is a privilege that you have to earn. Once you earn that privilege, you gain access to a better life. We have the blueprint to perfect credit and all you have to do is follow it. Is it your turn for a change? Then come & get it!

Ready To Start a Business
But, Just Need The Capital?

Having multiple streams of income has never been more important than NOW. It’s more like a necessity. Personal and business funding is so easy to obtain, but building out the right credit profile is a major key. The fact that 80% of businesses fail within the first 3 years due to lack of funds. That's why having a strong credit profile is a must for most entrepreneurs and business owners. As small business owners ourselves, we know what it takes to obtain the capital needed to scale!

With This Program You Will Learn:

How To Structure Your Credit Profile To Get Approved For Anything (Ex. Home Loan, Car Loan, High Limit CC, Even Business Loans).

How To Get $25,000 In Lines Of Credit Immediately For Less Than $225. (Gems To A Strong Credit Profile).
How To Get Luxury Cars With No Money Down & A Low Interest Payment. (Are You Done Wasting Money On High Interest Rate Car Payments?)

How To Know If You'll Get Approved Before Applying! 
(The Master Formula) 

How To Leverage Your Credit To Start A Business, Invest In Real Estate, Transportation, Stocks & Much Much More!

Meet Your Credit Coaches!

Lex has always been an upper class woman due to her super smart and business savvy ways of thinking. With her knowledge and ability to strategically remove erroneous, and unverifiable accounts she makes the ultimate Credit Coach. Oh! yeah I almost forgot to mention she's a licensed realtor! HEY FUTURE HOME OWNERS!
Rocky is a wildly driven entrepreneur and a motivational speaker with a gift to explain the most complicated things and put them in the simplistic forms. His astonishing passion for business has led him to gain expertise in Logistics, Real Estate, Financial Literacy, Stocks, Cryptocurrency & more. Which makes him the perfect Credit Coach for Personal and Business Credit!


Listen Guys...

Can you imagine being apart of a family that knows nothing about money, finance or credit? Like many others, we witnessed our families go through a major financial bind like, living paycheck to paycheck, dealing with repossession, evictions and even foreclosures! The only thing that was passed down to us was past due bills. That was the norm for a very long time until we decided that this wasn't the life we wanted to live anymore ,and it was time for a change.
We started with the root of the problem which was the LACK of financial education. We spent numerous hours studying money and credit which was mind blowing to see how much VALUABLE information isn't taught in schools or most households. This made us wonder, "Is the system designed for us to fail?"
One things for sure, we couldn't hold back what we've learned! We obtained a lavish lifestyle simply by becoming financially literate and repairing our credit. Then It became our mission to share the knowledge that turned our dreams into reality!

At the age of 22, we purchased our first home! This process was one hell of a rollercoaster, but WE DID IT! (3,700 sqft). We also inquired multiple cars with super low payments. Last but not least, we got our dream credit cards, the American Express Gold & Business Platinum. All of that within 2 years. Thank You GOD!
We avoided the normal way of thinking, and took a chance which changed our lives forever. The funny thing is, over time we noticed most people can change their lives by simply taking a chance. But sadly most people are afraid to take chances because their uneducated on the subject at hand. Which is why our credit repair program is designed to bring education, guidance and results!!
Here's your chance to change your life. Are you going to continue a generation of bad credit or take this opportunity to change your and your families life forever?
Totally up to you...

See What Are Clients
 Have To Say About Our Program 🔥

Real Results From Real Clients...
I would like to thank Rocky and his wife for helping me though it all. I sign the papers on my house this week. All because of ADR. Thank you!!
Jerome S.
Jerome S.
It literally took me months to reach out and have a 1 on 1 consultation with Rocky. Authenticity was the key factor holding me back but ADR was truthful about their intentions and made me comfortable enough to discuss where I went wrong in my past and how I can go about making necessary changes going forward. I encourage everyone to make the call, it's FREE!
Cyrus D.
Results Results Results is the song I sing... ADR has been nothing but professional and informative on credit education and rehab.
Tarell W. 
Tarell W. 

Here's My Guarantee
For You!

We guarantee that our system works. Look, the real decision that you are making isn't whether or not to use us or anyone else out there. That's really irrelevant. The real question and the real decision you have to make is whether or not you're ready to commit to having all of the things that you want. Only together as a team we can make this work.

Here's My Guarantee For You!

We guarantee that our system works. Look, the real decision that you are making isn't whether or not to use us or anyone else out there. That's really irrelevant. The real question and the real decision you have to make is whether or not you're ready to commit to having all of the things that you want. Only together as a team we make this work.

Still Not Convinced? Cool, Here's More Reviews...

"If you want your credit poppin. Check out Lex and Roc . You will not regret it. I promise you."
"I have tried this before with different groups but didn't get nearly the results I did with ADR. If you having issues with your credit. Hit them up. You will not be sorry."
"5 stars is what they need. Thanks Lexi & Rocky for what ya'll do."
"ADR Financial Group , they are LEGIT. I was skeptical in the beginning but they proved that they are they to help you. They show you the way. I am very impressed." 
"MY BANKRUPCTY IS GONE! Throughout the whole journey he coached me. The education and quality was out the roof. They are the truth. They get results in months. Most companies out here will get results in years."
Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If This is Legit?

We understand that this industry is full of scammers and false promises. This is why we strive to make ADR as transparent as possible. We can brag all day about how ADR is the BEST! But that will not mean anything if you haven’t experienced it yourself. The best thing you can do is do extensive research on us. We are on many platforms such as Google, BBB, YELP & Facebook. We have tons of testimonies from our clients who were skeptical just like you and took a chance that changed their life. It’s important for you to trust us and our process to make the best out of our program.

How long will it take to see results?

Our goal is to improve your credit score. That will come through credit restoration & credit rebuilding. If you follow our guide you can see an increase in your credit score within a month. However, when it comes to fully restoring your credit that takes time. We recommend giving yourself 6 months to a year to optimize your credit profile. 

How long does it take to get a 700 credit score?

No one can tell you how many points your score will increase or give you a certain time frame because the FICO scoring model has several factors to calculate your credit score based on the algorithm. Although we can’t tell you how long it will take, we can guarantee that if you take our advice, manage your credit responsibly, be patient and consistent you CAN have a 700 credit score.

Will items come back on my 
credit report?

Our method of disputing is factual based on the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Legally , the Credit Bureaus can not reinsert an account once removed UNLESS the Creditor provided the Credit Bureaus validation that it should remain on your credit report (which is rare) OR that debt was sold to another collection agency and the new agency reported that debt back to your credit under a new account number. If your debt is resold then no biggie! We will dispute the account free of charge or provide you with another option to have the account permanently removed.

What can’t y'all remove from my credit report?

We have successfully removed any account known to report to a credit report. However, we can’t guarantee the same results for everyone because everyone's situation is different and results will vary. We will use our proven aggressive method of disputing to obtain the best results possible!

What’s The Guarantee?

We guarantee that will use every aggressive disputing method the FCRA law has to challenge and remove all negative accounts from your credit report. We have a 80-100% deletion rate which proves why we’re one of the best credit repair companies in the nation.

How Much Does This Program Cost?

We have an affordable monthly service fee which depends on the extensiveness of your credit profile. You can get started with our program as low as $299 down.

Can You Help If I Filed Bankruptcy?

We can not assist if you are in active bankruptcy. If your bankruptcy has been discharged or dismissed it’s time to clean up any inaccurate derogatory accounts and focus on rebuilding your credit. Please note that even if we are successful with removing Bankruptcy from your credit report, Lenders will still be able to know if you filed bankruptcy because it is public records. This is why it’s important to focus on your overall credit health rather than the removal of a bankruptcy itself.

How Does Credit Repair Work?

A lot of people think that credit repair is only about getting accounts removed from your credit report. That’s only ⅓ of the battle and unfortunately that’s the only thing several credit repair companies focus on. Our program is designed to give you the full package which will be more beneficial in the long run. Our program has 3 major components (Credit Repair, Rebuilding & Education) . Without all 3, your credit improvement will be temporary and not effective. Our job is to educate you, give you guidance and advice to optimize your credit profile to achieve your goals and challenge negative accounts on your behalf using the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Your job is to rebuild your credit, manage your finances responsibly and follow through with our blueprint. Credit repair will only be effective if you play your part too.

Do we offer discounts for couples?


What if I don’t have any negative or bad credit accounts?

Our credit repair services won’t help you, but building your credit buy adding new accounts to your credit report will. We offer a large selection of credit building programs especially designed for people with no credit. You can take advantage of these programs by going to our website www.adrfinancialgroup.com.
 What's stopping you from achieving your financial goals?
 What's stopping you from achieving you financial goals?
Whether your goal is to buy a house, get approved for a car or get a business loan. our credit repair process is efficient, aggressive, and personalized. What it takes most companies to do in 3 years we do in 6 months

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